Saint Chronicles Mode

Experience the full Saint Seiya saga, from the early beginnings in the Sanctuary arc, to Poseidon and Gold Saints.

Incarnate famous Saints and choose your missions in this enhanced soldiers universe in HD graphics.

Save and protect Athena by leading epic and original Battles against Saints’ toughest enemies in this mode.

Online Battles Mode

Show off your technical prowess to be the strongest Saint in the world!

Skillfully chain together attacks to outperform worldwide fighters, and finish them off with spectacular over-the-top special moves.

Meet people from all over the world with the optimized matching system and compete to be the top rank Saint online.

Battle System

Powerful Big Bang Attacks

Burn your whole Cosmo energy to perform astonishing Big Bang Attacks during epic battles!

Light Speed Cosmo Battle Action

Let your Cosmo explode to move at Light Speed. Fight your enemies with Land Light Speed Attacks while in mid-air. Use Light Speed Evasion to predict your enemies’ moves and evade!

Battle System

Release your 7th Sense

When you’re on the brink of death, that’s your chance to awaken your Seventh Sense! Reach Power Up State and perform a powerful attack!

Cosmo Special Attacks

Outperform your opponent with Burst Dash, Special and Burst Attacks by using your Cosmo Gauge. To recover your Cosmo gauge faster remove your armor, but it’s on your own risk as defense goes down!


Immerse in the saga universe like never before with enhanced graphics and realism effects, featuring your favourite Saint Seiya characters.

In order to save Athena and the world, embody famous soldiers among a big selection of Saints with more than 50 playable fighters. Fight against their toughest opponents from the Sanctuary, Poseidon, Hades arcs and re-experience epic battles.

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